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Importance of Choosing the Right 
Bench Height for Your Kitchen 

The benchtop is the most important part of the kitchen. This is where you do most of the work when 
preparing food. That is why it is important that material and dimensions of the benchtop is ideal for the 
purpose you want it to have. 

You might want to install a bigger benchtop to accommodate all the work you do in the kitchen. The 
material to use should also be tough enough to last long and withstand all the pressure and abuses of 
everyday work in the kitchen. Another important consideration in building an ideal kitchen benchtop is 
the height of the benchtop from the floor. 

Standard Height 

The height of the benchtop must be just right in order for it to be comfortable for the users. In Australia, 
the standard size is approximately 900 millimetres. The height can be between 850 millimetres and 
1,050 millimetres, but 900 mm is the height that works for most kitchens. Flat pack cabinets Gvmpie are 
usually built with that standard in consideration. 

Families can adjust the height, depending on the average height of the family members. Taller families, 
for instance, would be more comfortable using a higher benchtop. 

The standard height of 900 mm is also ideal to fit in all the appliances that should be accommodated 
under the benchtop. Be careful when using a higher benchtop. It is always best that the other appliances 
are of the same height. If there is a large gap between an appliance such as the dishwasher and the 
benchtop, you can remedy this by adding a drawer below or on top of the appliance. 


Using the proper height for benchtops is essential for the ergonomic health of the users of this part of 
the kitchen. Benchtops that are either too high or too low will not be comfortable to work on. 

Incorrectly sized benchtops will not make it easy to do everyday chopping and food preparation. You 
could strain your back using the benchtop daily. Remember that you will be using the benchtop more 
than just once a day, so it should be designed for your ergonomic needs. 

The benchtop height should be adjusted based on the average height of the family members. Taller 
families should consider having benchtops above the ideal height of 900 mm. If the family heights vary a 
lot, it would be wise to base the benchtop height on the person who will be using it most of the time. 
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